SomePythonThings Music

Download and play your favorite music with this versatile music player: SomePythonThings Music is a really powerful, but simple, music player.You can play mp3, wav, flac, aiff, and many more file types. You can also create playlists, to keep your music organized. Did you said that you don't know how to download the music? No problem! SomePythonThings Music includes a music downloader to download your favorite music!

SomePythonThings Music would not have been possible without the following projects:

- Python 3            (View project homepage)

- Mutagen             (View project on PyPI)

- Moviepy             (View project on PyPI)

- PySide2             (View project on PyPI)

- Qt Thread Updater   (View project on PyPI)

- PyInstaller         (View project on PyPI)

- DarkDetect          (View project on PyPI)

- Wget                (View project on PyPI)

Screenshots of the program: